Pilot Leon Cuddeback recalls United’s first flight

Did you know that United Airlines’ first flight included Boise, Idaho, on the itinerary? On the morning of April 6, 1926 — a day that would become a monumental part of United’s history — pilot Leon Cuddeback flew from Pasco, Washington, to Boise, Idaho, in a Swallow aircraft.

United Airlines first flight went through Boise, Idaho.

50 years later in 1976, Cuddeback recounted his experience from that day.

Source: https://hub.united.com/pilot-leon-cuddeback-recalls-uniteds-first-flight-1710263940.html


Idaho Stops on the Salt Lake-Great Falls Airway (1931)

Salt Lake-Great Falls Airway (1931), includes stops along the Salt Lake-Pocatello section and Pocatello-Great Falls section. The installation at Dubois still includes a generator shed (newly painted, with the route and stop number on the roof), operating beacon, and a concrete arrow that has been repainted bright yellow. The type of arrow at Dubois was later replaced by metal arrows. The site at Monida has an operating beacon and a newly restored generator shed.

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