Local group works to protect a unique piece of aviation history

Did you see the segment that ran on Channel 8 back in 2016 about the restoration efforts?

“It’s almost like something out of a sci-fi movie. Giant concrete arrows scattered across the country, each of them pointing to another arrow. But these giant arrows weren’t built by aliens, rather they were built by the US government. ┬áTheir sole purpose was to help guide the very first airmail pilots in the 1920’s.

“‘So they put these arrows in between 10 to 20 miles apart with beacons to guide the airplanes to their right direction, because they kept getting lost,’ said Greg Cobia, a pilot and aviation history enthusiast from Blackfoot.”


Short History of Flying In Idaho

Outdoor Idaho offers an excellent short history of flying in Idaho.┬áThe state’s storied connection with aviation begins early in the twentieth century. It was here, in the Intermountain West, that commercial airmail first took hold, on the Pasco-Boise-Elko route, courtesy of Varney Air Lines, which later became United Airlines.