The story of the birth of commercial flight

I’ve posted before the long photo version of Leon Cuddleback’s memories of making the first flight from Pasco to Elko via Seattle, but this site has put together the story along with a lot of newspaper clippings and additional information. Click on the clippings and photos to see a larger version. It’s an excellent reminder of why it’s so important to remember our heritage and preserve it for the future.

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One thought on “The story of the birth of commercial flight”

  1. I am currently researching the C.A.M 5 history. I acquired some artifacts from the Leon D Cuddeback estate heirs. I have the rifle Franklin E Rose (#4 Swallow) carried on April 6, 1926 when he landed near the Earl Brace ranch in the Owyhee. I have an aviation/western artist interested in painting some scenes. I have news photos of the planes but need much more clear prints. UAL museum warehouse had the second rifle. I need help locating aviator log books from the original pilots etc. Ivan L Nelson photos of retrieving the biplane and all the 6 Laird Swallow biplanes 1926-1927 prior to UAL acquisition of Varney Airlines.

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